Latest News

Latest News:

  • Our Consulting Division has successfully assisted a number of our Clients with their HR policy and procedure manuals, employment contracts and Labour relations issues. By doing this we have assisted in ensuring that they are compliant, people orientated, given a competitive edge and a clearer direction for their organisations. 
  • Our Consulting Division has further partnered with Antares.SA Consulting to assist one of the large Banks with a compliance audit on their Vendors.
  • Our Training Division has embarked on an exciting training initiative with one of the large Banks. The training has covered the National Credit Act from a theoretical and practical point of view, ensuring relevance to the target audience. The course material covers theoretical concepts. case law, legal interpretation and practical application, including assignments, case studies and a final examination. 
  • The Training Division has also successful completed a Job Life Skills programme for the students of FLB. We have embarked on two sponsored courses, with thanks to Octagon Chartered Accountants and Nolands Chartered Accountants. The course covers two key areas for young people wanting to enter the job market in the near future, namely the importance of writing an effective CV and interviewing skills. 
  • The Training Division has also prepared course material for a large insurance company covering the legal aspects of the Law of Collisions.

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Watch this space...we are preparing to embark on further practical training initiatives which will cover:

  • The Consumer Protection Act
  • Contract Law 
  • The Companies Act
  • Ethics in the workplace / Code of Ethics

About Us

Shelley Collins is the business owner and has 7+ years experience in the legal, banking and corporate fields. She has a BCom and LLB degrees and is an attorney by profession. Having been on both sides as employer and recruiter she fully understands the needs of the client and candidate. She is a passionate, energetic, committed and people orientated individual who provides a premium recruitment, training and consulting service.

Carolyn Segal has 5 years experience in the client relations and operational management fields. She has a diploma in Marketing Management which has provided her with the key critical skill of ensuring client satisfaction at all times. She fully understands and appreciates the importance of meeting the client`s needs. Her passion is around communication, effectiveness, efficiency and building relationships.